The Uncommon Thread

This is a collection of articles from a scientific medical journal that, for the most part, don’t have a thing to do with science or medicine. Why? This is how the author, R. Scott Anderson MD explains it:
“What is it about our lives that prepare us to be physicians? Is can’t simply be our education, and it had to be there before medicine was our vocation? It happens all around us every day we practice, and I don’t think it will stop when we retire. We are what we are because of the millions of tiny incidents in our lives that build up like threads woven into a fabric. That fabric of what we are is what allows us to function as the physicians we can become. It is like taking thread to make a cloth, then taking that cloth and making a garment. Medicine we think of as a white coat, but it just looks white because each thread, although it’s a different color, shines with promise and adds to the whole. I want to show it all, the threads, the fabric, all of it. Not just the coat.”
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Russell Scott Anderson MD