If you could have a one time affair with someone you’ve never seen before and would never see again and no one could ever find out, would you?
If you can answer no without having to think about the question for even a moment then you probably won’t have a lot in common with the characters portrayed in TimeDonors Wanted. If you’re not so sure, then you may want to at least have a peek and see what happens to some folks that took that chance and said yes.

Jarvis Sloan was an Internet success story. He’d left a thriving private practice as a psychiatrist specializing in sexual medicine in San Diego to form LifeSolutions Seminars, an on-line counseling site for unhappy people looking for an alternative to classical counseling. Ironically, it isn’t just Jarvis’s patients that are suffering. His own marriage is a hollow shell. He loves his wife Sharon, when he isn’t hating her, and he loves his sons unconditionally.

Jarvis convinces himself that there’s only one way to deal with his growing frustration, affairs. But the affairs pose a risk to his family he’s not willing to take. To minimize the risk Jarvis takes a step in an unexpected direction. A site devoted to pairing people to meet one another’s sexual needs on a one-time basis.

Jarvis with the help of Brooke Werner, a brilliant young computer engineer, establishes a registry inside LifeSolutions, which allows members to enter a high-security area, in which they can locate anonymous sexual partners for a single meeting, no commitments, no attachments, no threat to either party’s marriage. To ensure confidentiality, all information about both parties is erased from the embedded server every seventy-two hours. Making any connections made inside the server impossible to trace.

Little did Jarvis suspect, when he created the TimeDonors sub-site, that at the height of its success, it would inextricably link his own life to seven others in a web of death and betrayal. Over a two-month period, all eight of them would have their worlds irreversibly changed. More than half of them wouldn’t survive, and one woman would be forced to find reserves of courage she never knew she had.

Russell Scott