Una Voce – want to see what other folks think:

“Bravo! Dwalia South’s essays are delightful, touching and irreverent. Whether she’s writing about the comic (‘lowly hospital gowns’) or the dread (the impending death of a mate) or comparing sexual dysfunction to a cranky car, Dr. South is hitting on all cylinders.” — Curtis Wilkie, author of The Fall of the House of Zeus

“The poetry and prose of Dwalia South M.D. speak not only to those of her profession, but to everyone who encounters her work. She was inspired to become a physician by the one known as ‘a good doctor’ in Tippah County, Dr. Jessie Mauney (1893- 1985). She has been inspired to be a writer by many authors and most of all by the Creator who blessed her with a talent for expressing herself through the written word. Those of us who have read Dwalia’s words and also know her have been twice blessed.” —Tommy Covington, William Faulkner scholar and Magnolia Gazette Contributing Editor

This is the story of a life, told in snatches of bright vision, like looking through a family photo album. Told by a wonderful author who has framed her own life in the stories she’s shared over the years. —Russell Scott Anderson M.D. Author of Time Donors Wanted