Why start an electronic publishing company? In Mississippi? A better question is, why not? Mississippi’s literary tradition is arguably second to none. Our list of notable authors, per capita, is on a par with anywhere.

From Albert Taylor Bledsoe, one of Mississippi’s first authors, to Col. Prentiss Ingraham, one of Mississippi’s most prolific authors, with six hundred novels and four hundred novelettes to his credit, the tradition of strong writing and strong story-telling has persisted. Those are the things we hold dear, things we want to propagate in what we do.

William Faulkner, Willie Morris, Eudora Welty, Stephen Ambrose, Shelby Foote, Walker Percy, Ellen Gilchrist, John Grisham, Barry Hannah, Greg Iles, Nevada Barr, Larry Brown, Jimmy Buffett, Curtis Wilkie, and three hundred and twenty other writers of note have called Mississippi home.

Why not Mississippi?

So welcome to IsoLibris Publishing, coming to you from a place where the weather is warm, the fish are biting, and hospitality is practically our middle name. In true Southern tradition, we love to hear what our readers think, so feel free to contact us with comments on our existing catalog, with manuscript submissions and with requests for new or different kinds of books. We promise we’ll give you an ear. Because we were raised that way.